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I'm going to teach you exactly how to set up your physical therapy business to fit the life you want. I'll teach you what's important and where to spend your money and where most practices waste their dollars and create not only a bad patient experience, but the bad clinician experience that's burning you out.

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Could you imagine having your own private practice?

That's exactly what Kevin Lannan did when he started The MVMT Institute through The Private Practice Blueprint course. He had spent years working for someone else - being forced to do things he knew weren't in the best interest of his patients. He never thought about starting his own practice. Instead, he thought about getting out of PT completely. When I asked him why he hadn't thought of it, he repeated the same things he had been told by his corporate bosses - "It's too complicated. No company can be profitable seeing one patient at a time..." The same kind of lies you've probably heard too. Kevin's practice was profitable in his second month open, and he did it without double-booking a single patient. Then, 3 months in to starting his practice, a pandemic hits. Because Kevin runs a people-first business, his clients all kept coming - telehealth, in-person services, sports performance. He was profitable in the middle of a pandemic. Not only does this model work. It works even in the worst of times.

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"The blueprint system made it easy to take the right steps. It felt great having someone in my corner throughout the process!"

Kevin L.
Practice Owner through The Private Practice Blueprint

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